Buying coupons
Coupons can be bought like any other item in the shop. Once a coupon was bought and activated the value of the coupon will be listed in your shopping cart. You can send this coupon to a friend or relative via e-mail through a link in your shopping cart.

How to send coupons
Before the coupon can be sent through a link in your shopping cart you need to supply the name and a valid e-mail adress of the gift recipient. You can also determine the value of the gift coupon and add a short message to the recipient. Please re-check all details again before sending the gift coupon via e-mail.

Shopping with a coupon
As soon as you have received a gift coupon from someone you can use it to pay items in your shopping cart. During check out you can apply your coupon code. If the coupon value is below the total sum of your shopping cart you can select your preferred payment method for the remaining difference. If the coupon value is higher than the total sum of your shopping cart the remaining value can be used for a later purchase in the shop.

Redeeming a coupon
If you have received a coupon via e-mail you can redeem the coupon as follows:
1. Click the supplied link in the e-mail received from a friend. Create a customer account in our web-shop if you don't have an account.
2. After adding items to your shopping cart you can supply your coupon code during check out.

If problems arise
If you have problems with a coupon get in contact with us by e-mail:
Please supply your customer number, the coupon code, error messages of the shop software (if any) and the name of the Internet browser you are using.